About Us

"Ramzi-S" LLC  is the first company for the production of varnishes and paints in the Caucasus and Azerbaijan under the Sobsan brand. As a result of a well-thought-out economic policy after the restoration of our independence, stability was achieved in all sectors of our economy and a favorable business climate was created. The role of the private sector in the country's socio-economic development has grown as a manifestation of the development of the non-oil sector and has laid the foundation for the creation of new prestigious companies, of which “Sobsan Paints” is a prime example.

When we started producing paints, our goal was to be an Azerbaijan product and to be an Azerbaijan brand. With this confidence, we established the first local paint factory in Azerbaijan and were the first to start producing local products in this factory. Thanks to rise in sales and the right marketing system from the first year we entered the paint and varnish industry, we have grown dynamically and over time have become a reliable brand in the industry.

About Us

“Sobsan Paints”, which have been operating for 22 years, produce high-quality paints and varnishes using modern technologies. It produces high-quality adhesives, varnishes, primers, interior and facade paints, industrial paints, tile-ceramic adhesives, water-based paints, decorative paints, ship paints, repair and construction tools and, most importantly, environmentally friendly products. Products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 standards. Products are tested in laboratories equipped with modern equipment, and presented to customers in the best possible way. The company Sobsan, which makes an effort to produce new products every year, obtaines new products based on the request and needs of more customers. The main principle of our work is to take into account the environmental impact  of products during manifacture.

“Sobsan Paints” is also the first and only local company to produce premium decorative paints. Based on 22 years of experience, Sobsan is constantly innovating in the decorative paint field, producing attractive and elegant paints for facades and interiors. Decorative paints are moisture resistant and environmentally friendly, and have an unlimited choice of colors and textures.

In addition, for the first time in the country, “Sobsan Paints” allows customers to obtain the desired color in a short time using a German-produced "Coloring System".  Almost all of our retail outlets in the country are equipped with this equipment, which allows customers to save time and money. Our aim is to satisfy the ever-changing or ever-renewing needs of our customers, allowing them to get the desired color in the shortest possible time.

Today, along with all regions of Azerbaijan, high-quality products are exported to the countries of the CIS and Central Asia, the Middle East. Sobsan Boyaları, which targets a larger outlet, is increasing its overseas sales opportunities with government support.

As “Sobsan Paints”, it is our duty to promote the trust and success we have achieved in the country abroad under the name of the Azerbaijani brand. Sobsan's 22-year-old growing daily history is pushed forward with the experience of the past, the tenacity of the staff and today's technology. Today “Sobsan Paints”, an important company in this sector, occupies an important place not only in the paint and varnish sector, but also among the industrial enterprises of Azerbaijan in general, with a growing number of employees and a growing number of jobs and production facilities. Our goal as a company is to promote Azerbaijan products as a world brand.

About Us
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